Ashtin Mariah; Nothin' less than Real. Singlee & will be for some time. Love is superficial, and boys just make that more true.  Not easily phased. But being hurt not soo hard, so i'm gonna try and avoid that as much as possible. Let's just say i don't trust many anymore. Putting all of you into someone else is just too risky.

Funny? - ahaaa, too a limit i guess, some people just don't get me. 
Nice? - until you do something unnecessary, then ill get pissed off.
Mean? - wouldn't say all that. But give me a reason to be, i just might.
Crazy? - Just a little, but it's tolerable (LMfAO)

Anytime you need advice, im here for you. Believe it or not, i can relate to most of your problems, but i'm also up for anything you have to say. You say the things i cant most times.  ( Thanks Me'Kiya < 3) I'm a pretty great person to be around, and if you dont think so, your loss.  I have everything I need, cause I can't imagine more amazing friends.. They help me with all my Low's. Life's just too hard without em'. They teach me to keep my head up cause life goes on. So i live by that.

Social Networking? Hell Yes! If I sound like your type-a-girl HMU (:

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